le chocolat blanc est-il du chocolat ?

White chocolate, real or fake chocolate?

Belgium’s flagship product, recognized beyond its borders, chocolate is a delicacy you may enjoy almost daily. In a spread, in cocoa, or a stick, decorated by hazelnut fragments or filled with praline, the possibilities are numerous as long as you can lick your fingers afterward. But chocolate is brown, right? So what is white chocolate? […]


A filter designed by NASA to drink your urine!

For a space mission, you can’t take huge amounts of water. So you have to be inventive. And at NASA, they are. In their laboratory, they created a filter that purifies the wastewater in order to recover it. Yep, even her urine can be filtered for drinking. And the best is when a direct derivative of this technology (only for water) equips the gourds that you can take with you to school, to sports, to camp, on vacation abroad, and in even hiking… in short, everywhere! […]

Artificial intelligence

War Heritage Institute: the drone from yesterday to today

Drones, these devices recognizable among a thousand by the roar of the propellers, are not only used to take photos. This technology, developed for military purposes during the First World War, fulfilled many missions for the army, such as detecting humans or animals using an infrared camera, filming and transmitting what was happening in the field in real-time. […]

la chimie des crêpes

Making pancakes is like doing chemistry in your kitchen.

Every year, at La Chandeleur, families make pancakes. A tradition that we like to carry on, because pancakes are delicious and cheerful to make. To succeed in pancakes preparation, you have to know the recipe of course, but also understand how it works. Indeed, making pancakes is mixing different chemicals, and to do chemical reactions in a pan. […]

rencontre avec l'homme de Neandertal imprimé en 3D
Heard on the radio

How about 3D printing a Neanderthal man?

Here is an original idea to meet our distant cousin! This is what the researchers did to give us an appearance of the Spy man, whose fossilized bones were discovered in 1886 in the Spy Cave. […]

Fun facts

The jerrycan: a story of can

An essential tool today for long journeys by car, the jerrycan was above all developed during the Second World War to meet the practical needs of soldiers. You had to think about refueling from time to time, and in wartime, impossible to detour by the nearest service station. […]

le tetra lyre en disparition

The black grouse, this endangered capercaillie.

The Hautes-Fagnes plateau is the last Belgian bastion where rare black grouse still live. These little Bruyère roosters are unfortunately endangered. Different organizations are working to preserve their habitat to save this species of bird from extinction. […]


You wolf! Are you giving me a hand?

Wolves cooperate with each other in hunting and rearing the young. Much like humans, where family members organize to feed, educate and protect children. For heavy tasks, wolves team up and coordinate to make their work easier. So much so that they are expecting. The craziest thing is that he’s also waiting for his healer to pull a heavy object with him. […]