Music is great for our health. Do you know why ?

It makes us smile, it energizes us, we even use it to decorate the atmosphere of our evenings or to find the right rhythm for our jogging, in short the music makes us feel good.

But more than that, music is good for our health. […]


What is the difference between crystal and glass?

Its brilliance does not deceive us, but yet we are entitled to question the difference between crystal and glass. Especially since crystal and glass are both composed of silicon oxide, in other words sand subjected to very high temperatures to make it melt. […]


Mary Anning

Mary Anning, the first Paleonthologist woman. She discovered many fossils of Ichthyosaurs and Pterodactylus Macronyx. […]

les 10 plantes les plus effrayantes

The 10 strangest plants

The 10 strangest plants in the world. In the shape of a bat, stones, or bloody mushrooms, find these amazing plants! […]

pourquoi pleure-t-on ?

Why do we cry?

Tears are made by glands that are above the eyelid. They are called the lacrimal glands […]

pourquoi est-ce que j'entends ?

Why do we hear? How it works ?

To understand how we hear, we must know that sounds are movements of the air. When we speak or when we play music, we create vibrations in the air. […]