pourquoi pleure-t-on ?

Why do we cry?

Tears are made by glands that are above the eyelid. They are called the lacrimal glands […]

pourquoi est-ce que j'entends ?

Why do we hear? How it works ?

To understand how we hear, we must know that sounds are movements of the air. When we speak or when we play music, we create vibrations in the air. […]


The rainbow trees

You did not doubt that nature was amazing, … but did you know its artistic talent? The proof with its multicolored trees, growing in the Philippines. […]


The mantis shrimp and its incredible powers

Despite its variegation of bright colors and the ornaments of its scales, the mantis shrimp peacock (or Odontodactylus scyllarus) is a formidable predator that will quickly amputate your finger if you get too close to it. […]