• Chemistry

    How to make soap in wartime?

    During the Second World War, we were short of everything, and therefore of soap. The Belgian population, rationed, made some with its own means. Rationing of soap during the Second World War During our first [...]
  • Résistance des toiles d'araignées avec Spiderman par Curiokids

    Can Spider Webs Really Stop a Train?

    Daphné VAN RIET After having been bitten by a radioactive spider, Spider-Man got superpowers! He can weave webs, climb on walls, swing from one building to another, and stop villains by trapping them in his [...]
  • What's the super moon ?

    In Search of the Supermoon

    Sarah THOMAS The night between June 14th and June 15th, 2022, if the sky was clear, you just needed to look up at the sky to watch a rarely-seen phenomenon: a super moon. It only [...]
  • Astronomy

    What do astronauts eat in space ?

    Laura TURCULET You may be familiar with Thomas Pesquet, the most experienced French astronaut. He spent 200 days in space; that must seem like an eternity! Especially if you don’t get to eat your favourite [...]

Scientastic animals


Why fear wolves?

The fear of the big bad wolf, maintained since the Middle Ages by tales and fables, is linked to the fear of our own animal impulses. But the wolf is practically harmless for the Man […]