When the intelligence of plants is exploited by robots. Discover the Plant Fever exhibition at the Centre d’Innovation et de Design in Grand-Hornu.

Plants do not have a brain or nervous system like us. And yet, researchers show that they are gifted with intelligence. Defending themselves against aggression, finding their food, or communicating through their roots, these are all incredible elements that demonstrate the intelligence of plants.
But it is not only scientists who are interested in the plant kingdom. Artists too are amazed at their prowess. So much so that they are inspired by the intelligence of nature to create new, revolutionary, and breathtaking objects or tools. Plant Fever is an exhibition that bears witness to the power of plants… that human is trying to mimic. […]

benefits of saffran as antidepressant

Saffron, an effective spice to fight against depression

We have all heard of serotonin, the happiness hormone that contributes to our well-being. You should know that this hormone produced in our brain and in our intestines is essential for the survival of mammals. Because it is what prompts us to reduce risk taking! […]

the 10 strangest plants

The 10 strangest plants

The 10 strangest plants in the world. In the shape of a bat, stones, or bloody mushrooms, find these amazing plants! […]

rainbow tree

The rainbow trees

You did not doubt that nature was amazing, … but did you know its artistic talent? The proof with its multicolored trees, growing in the Philippines. […]