Cubic watermelons! They are not going round these Japanese!

We know that it is not the appearance that counts, but what is in it. But how do you thwart Mother Nature’s plans to produce square books?

Is it natural or is there something to make square watermelons?

The watermelons are round! Like the Earth, bowling balls or a soccer ball. Except in Japan.

First of all, watermelons are not genetically modified! It’s already that! But nature produces them in a round form!

To obtain a cube, the Japanese place a transparent, cubic-shaped glass mold around the young growing watermelon. During its growth, the watermelon takes the shape of the glass box. To allow its growth, it is important that the box is completely transparent to let the sun’s rays pass through.

Genetically modified

This means that its DNA has been modified to obtain fruit with different properties in terms of shapes, colors, presence or absence of seeds, resistance to bacteria, …

squared watermelon3_curiokids

Why make cubic watermelons?

According to the Japanese, there are two reasons:

  1. First, cubic watermelons are easier to store in warehouses, but also delivery trucks.
  2. Japan being an overcrowded country, a square watermelon fits much more easily in its small fridge.

Is it possible to produce square watermelons ourselves?

squared watermelon2_curiokids

If the soil allows, sow the watermelon seeds about 3 weeks after the last frosts in well-drained soil in full sun. The ideal is to make holes 2 in in diameter, spaced 20 in apart and put 2-3 seeds per hole.

Once the fruit develops well, gently place the still small fruit (3 in) in a glass mold in cubic shape. Like an aquarium for example.

The growth of watermelons is long, so do not think that overnight you will get a result. A bit of patience.

squared watermelon3_curiokids

Does it work with other fruits?

Yes ! Besides, the Japanese had fun making cubic apples, pears in the shape of Buddha.