5,000 years ago, we drank chocolate

You probably eat chocolate every day.
For some people, biting into a piece of chocolate has become a simple, comforting, greedy, daily gesture.
Biting into a piece of chocolate is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s… But did you know that the history of the chocolate drink, or rather the cocoa drink, is much longer?

le chocolat blanc est-il du chocolat ?

White chocolate, real or fake chocolate?

Belgium’s flagship product, recognized beyond its borders, chocolate is a delicacy you may enjoy almost daily. In a spread, in cocoa, or a stick, decorated by hazelnut fragments or filled with praline, the possibilities are numerous as long as you can lick your fingers afterward. But chocolate is brown, right? So what is white chocolate? […]

la chimie des crêpes

Making pancakes is like doing chemistry in your kitchen.

Every year, at La Chandeleur, families make pancakes. A tradition that we like to carry on, because pancakes are delicious and cheerful to make. To succeed in pancakes preparation, you have to know the recipe of course, but also understand how it works. Indeed, making pancakes is mixing different chemicals, and to do chemical reactions in a pan. […]

les gaufres belges

Let go of the gas to make your waffles a success!

Qu’elle soit de Bruxelles ou de Liège, recouverte de chocolat fondu, de crème chantilly ou nature, la gaufre est une spécialité culinaire belge qui nous régale depuis quelques siècles.

Une gaufre réussie est une gaufre bien gonflée. Mais pour cela, il faut que la pâte monte ! Comment ça marche ? Grâce à une réaction chimique qui libère du gaz dans la pâte. […]