What is the difference between caves and caverns?

différence entre grotte et caverne

The words “cave” and “cavern” are often considered synonyms, that is, words that mean the same thing. In reality, there is a big difference between a cave and a cavern. To impress your parents, read on.

The caves and caverns are similar, and yet there is a difference between the two.


The dictionary defines the cave as a cavity in the rock. Caves usually have an opening on the side of a hill or mountain. And this opening, maybe horizontal or vertical. Caves are mostly natural, but they can also be the result of human work.


Caverns are a category of caves. The cavern is very large and underground. To reach the cavern, you have to take a corridor underground. This also implies that the caverns are often numerous and linked together by underground corridors.

In conclusion, all caverns are caves, but not all caves are caverns.

Do caves and caverns form the same way?

Yes, caves and caves are formed in the same way and naturally, thanks to the degradation of the rock. Water, lava, chemical reactions, and microorganisms can disintegrate rock to form caves and caverns. These processes are very long and take thousands of years.