What is alcoholic maceration?

qu'est-ce que la macération alcoolique ?

Liqueurs from the Gervin distillery, a story of know-how.

Liqueurs are appreciated, after a meal or for the pleasure of sharing with friends. We are spoiled for choice at home, but a little focus on the liquors from the Gervin distillery.

We know them, they surprise us by the originality of his creations according to the ingredients he uses. Let us quote its famous liquor of chicory, or of hazelnuts for example and in the products full with originalities, there is El rototo du lapin.

But to get to these quality products, you have to go through the alcoholic maceration stage. A very simple process which consists of immersing fruits, herbs and spices in alcohol, whatever the degree, and extracting the aromas from them.

How does it work? The aromas are simply solubilized thanks to the alcohol and the latter diffuse into the macerate.

The delicate art of maceration

It is a delicate art because the maceration time must be adjusted according to the products which macerate. Indeed, the idea is to extract the aromas, but if the maceration time is too long, the aroma concentration will be too high. And this will affect the taste quality of the final product. Likewise, the maceration time should be long enough for there to be enough aromas passing into solution.

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