Why is it forbidden to use your phone while refueling the car?

lache ton téléphone quand tu fais le plein

We have all seen this prohibition on the use of a mobile phone in the full vehicle space. Is it possible to start a fire or explosion using their phone while parents are refueling?

Has anyone ever started a fire at a gas station with their phone?

To date, there has been no news reporting a fire caused by the use of a telephone while an adult was refueling.

Even more insane, the scientists tried the experiment several times, but never succeeded in causing a fire in a petrol pump.

So if even scientists can’t do it, why all this ramdam?

By prevention! Because if phones have never started a fire, static electricity, yes!


Any small particle of negative charge rotating around the nucleus of the atom.


It is the material used to produce energy when it is burned. Like coal or wood..

Static electricity, the one to watch out for.

What is static electricity?

Static electricity is what makes your hair stand on end when you take off your wool sweater. It is also because of her that you take a discharge by kissing a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It’s also static electricity that makes magic tricks such as dancing a ribbon of paper with a balloon a success.

Basically, these are charges that appear when two non-electrically conductive materials, also called “insulation”, are rubbed against each other. The first material “flies” from electrons to another. So that one is richer in electrons, and therefore in negative charges, and the other is richer in positive charges. And these electrical charges remain on the surface.

Our phones also contain these electrostatic charges on the surface.

A spark, and it explodes!

It is known that electrostatic charges can create sparks. We are far from flint and steel, of course, but it remains possible. When refueling, we observe that the fuel (petrol or diesel) evaporates easily from the nozzle. You can easily notice it because it smells bad.

And petrol, like diesel, catches fire easily, even in the vapor state. We are talking about fuel. A spark and this is the risk of fire, or worse, explosion.

This is why parents are recommended to leave their phones in the car while they are refueling. We don’t wait for accidents to be attentive and foresighted!