Why do geese fly in a V?

pourquoi les oies volent-elles en v

A perfect V in the sky is the formation that geese adopt when they migrate. Why the V and not the S, or any other letter of the alphabet? We could wonder?

V-shaped training to save energy

In winter, geese migrate like many other birds to take advantage of the milder temperatures in warm countries. To reach them, they cover between 3,500 and 7,000 kilometers. It’s a long-distance!

To complete this journey, the geese must face the weather, find food and fight gravity. All this represents a big energy expenditure. Suddenly, they also have tips for not wasting their strength when they fly.


It is the movement made by certain animals, such as birds, according to the seasons.

To save money during the journey, they adopt V-shaped training. By saving their energy, they can travel longer distances. Birds adopting this flight training can actually save 70% of their energy on their migration journey.

The bird behind is flying a little higher than the one in front, and so on. This allows them to reduce wind resistance. Too much wind means more wing flapping and therefore more fatigue. With his partner slightly above her, the goose feels less of the wind that brakes her and saves her strength.

V-shaped training to ensure eye contact.

Unlike men, geese have their eyes localized on the sides. To see their fellows, they are forced to shift a little to keep an eye on the other members of the group and follow the right direction.