Let go of the gas to make your waffles a success!

les gaufres belges

Whether from Brussels or Liège, covered with melted chocolate, whipped cream or plain, waffle has been a Belgian culinary specialty that has delighted us for several centuries.

A successful waffle is a well-puffed waffle. But for that, the dough must rise! How does it work? Through a chemical reaction that releases gas into the dough.

The secret to fluffy waffles lies in their ingredients.

It’s easy ! To make waffles, you need flour, eggs, sugar, a little milk, water, and baking powder. Baking powder is essential because it is the latter that will make the dough swell during preparation.

How do you release gas in waffle batter with yeast?

Baking powder is made from baking soda. This is what chemists call a base. In the baking powder package, there is also another compound called “disodium pyrophosphate”, an acid sometimes referred to by the code name E450.

When you add milk, water, or eggs, the water in these ingredients causes the reaction between the acid and the base in the baking powder. One of the products of the reaction is the release of carbon dioxide, the famous CO2.

By freeing itself in the dough, it makes it swell!