You wolf! Are you giving me a hand?

Wolves help each other and wait to accomplish the tasks.

Wolves cooperate with each other in hunting and rearing the young. Much like humans, where family members organize to feed, educate and protect children. For heavy tasks, wolves team up and coordinate to make their work easier. So much so that they are expecting. The craziest thing is that he’s also waiting for his healer to pull a heavy object with him.

the wolf lives in a pack like man

The wolf is waiting for you if you are late.

It is easier to pull a sled for two than alone. And if your boyfriend is late, it’s normal for you to wait for him. So why tire yourself of doing everything alone?

Wolves do exactly the same. In an experiment, the researchers observed that the wolf who had to pull on a rope to reveal a bait was going to wait for his trainer or another wolf to complete the task together. And if the trainer is late, the wolf will wait for him in most cases.

Wolves coordinate to be effective.

To be effective, it is important to pull a rope with two at the same time. This is called “coordinating” the movement. With coordinated actions, you tire less and you can pull a heavy object behind you more efficiently.

Wolves understood it as we did. Thus, during the experiment, the wolf and its congeners will coordinate to pull together, and at the same time, the rope that will make the bait appear. What intelligence!

Do dogs behave like wolves?

You would think the dog is doing the same thing. After all, he’s been used to humans since his domestication. And the wolf is still the ancestor of the dog.

But think again! Dogs collaborate less with each other. Following its domestication by humans, they no longer depend on hunting. From then on, they probably lost their group work instinct.

Did you know?

Different stories feature dangerous wolves, man-eaters. As in little red riding hood. So much so that people were often afraid of them. In reality, wolves are scared of us. Also, no need to train them to make them watchdogs. When a human being approaches, he will hide rather than bark.

Baby wolves are born after 65 days of gestation. At birth, they are deaf and blind. Their eyes are blue. Then they turn yellow when they are 8 months old.

the cubs are blue-eyed curiokids

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