The giraffe, an animal that will surprise you every time!

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Few animals like giraffes. It’s true what! They are tall on legs, they have a very long neck, a doe look, camel horns, and a leopard dress. What strange mammals!

Giraffes, the tallest land animals.

Giraffes live in the dry areas of Africa, called savannas. These are herbivores which therefore only eat plants! A male can swallow up to 99 lbs of leaves, twigs or buds per day.

They live in groups, moving through the plains.

Males can reach up to 18 ft in height. It is therefore 3 times larger than an adult. The female can reach a height of 13 ft. The neck alone can measure up to 6.6 m, the size of a “tall” adult.

This long neck and its excellent sight are very useful to him because they allow him to spot his predators like lions and hyenas faster. But to bring blood to her skull, she also has a very powerful heart, 1.6 ft long.

As they live in an extremely hot place, giraffes are active especially in the morning and in the evening. During the day, they stay in the shade to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.

Very small, giraffe calf fall from high.

Female giraffes give birth to their cubs where they were born. As we know, giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. When a female giraffe gives birth to a giraffe, it does so upright. As a result, the baby falls 5 ft from birth. Welcome to the world!

Fortunately, the little ones get up on their feet very quickly and can already run an hour after their birth.

Giraffes or stories to sleep upright.

The giraffe sleeps very little. And when she does, she sleeps upright. Why? To avoid being attacked by savannah predators like the lion. It occasionally happens to lie down, but only for naps of 6-7 minutes.

It’s that we quickly rest at home.

As sober as a judge

If the giraffe eats a lot, it drinks very little.

It does not need it because much of its water is collected from the plants it eats. Furthermore, bending over to drink makes her vulnerable. Indeed, in this position, predators can attack it more easily. A giraffe can remain without drinking for several days.

Giraffes have a large tongue.

Not that they are talkative, giraffes have a tongue that can be 1.6 ft, the size of a wand. The tip is black to allow it to withstand the rays of the sun.

She's drinking urine, yuck!

To find out if the female giraffe is fertile, the male drinks his urine. Because in this liquid are all the molecules called hormones, which allow you to know if it is ready to have a baby.

Did you know ?

The first giraffe arrived in Europe by Julius Caesar on his return from Alexandria in 46 BC. Jesus Christ. A triumphant return to Rome after years of civil war.

June 21, 2014 was the very first World Giraffe Day.

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