A filter designed by NASA to drink your urine!


For a space mission, you can’t take huge amounts of water. So you have to be inventive. And at NASA, they are. In their laboratory, they created a filter that purifies the wastewater in order to recover it. Yep, even her urine can be filtered for drinking. And the best is when a direct derivative of this technology (only for water) equips the gourds that you can take with you to school, to sports, to camp, on vacation abroad, and in even hiking… in short, everywhere!

Our body is mostly made up of water.

Our body contains 60% water. It is located in our cells and in the fluids (blood, urine, saliva, etc.) that makeup us. This water is essential for our bodies to function properly. For example, it allows the transport of proteins and other elements in our body, it composes our blood to distribute oxygen and digested food, it helps the body to eliminate waste by the urine, it also makes it possible to regulate our temperature body through perspiration, it protects our organs by absorbing shocks …

It is therefore essential to drink good quality water.

Filters to drink optimal water, why?

Tap water contains all kinds of things that are not always good for the body. For example chlorine which is used to kill bacteria. Impurities, bacteria … and sometimes even traces of drugs.

In the water of the bottles, in addition to the problem of plastic waste, there are sometimes traces of chemical compounds, or simply too many minerals which would tire our kidneys. More and more researchers are looking into this problem and trying to solve it. NASA filters are one solution.

How do ÖKO filters work?

There are different types of filters. The one developed by NASA and found in ÖKO bottles is designed to pass only water molecules and inorganic mineral salts, practically.

This filter is made up of small microscopic holes. Can’t see them with the naked eye. They are called “pores”. And in these pores, there are silver molecules. Why? Because money attracts viruses and bacteria to destroy them. Well seen!

The very small size of the pores combined with the presence of silver makes it possible to eliminate parasites, but also to trap limestone and molecules larger than water.

To drink from the gourd, just press the bottle and the water flows into your mouth.

To prove its effectiveness, the YouTuber “Le Sushi” even filtered the water of lakes and rivers. When he fills the bottle with water, the water is instantly purified and becomes drinkable. It’s magic? No, it’s scientific.

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