Let’s reduce our waste, let’s eat our cup of coffee!

twiice, la tasse à café comestible

What could be better than an edible cup to reduce our waste? When we know that 16 billion goblet cups for coffee are used in a year, we immediately understand the value of this invention. An idea straight from New Zealand.

Why make edible coffee cups?

Many people have a morning cup of coffee or take it to their isothermal mug. But in many countries, people have their coffee in a coffee shop. And in these places, we use cardboard cups which we then throw in the trash. When people are well behaved!

To make 16 billion goblets, you have to cut 6.5 million trees, consume 15 billion liters of water and a huge amount of energy corresponding to the needs of 54,000 homes for a year.

As you can see, having edible cups is an ecological action.


Which does not let the liquid or the air pass.


Something you can eat


What are edible cups made from?

This is a completely watertight vanilla-flavored cookie produced by the company Twiice. The taste of vanilla goes very well with all hot drinks, and this cup does not leak. There is no risk of staining your clothes or burning yourself. And for foodies, the cup will be your dessert, which offers a double advantage to use these.

This innovative product is so great that the airline Air New Zealand decided to test these edible cups on board. A great initiative knowing that they serve more than 8 million coffees a year.