What is the difference between crystal and glass?

What is the difference between crystal and glass

Difficult to distinguish crystal from glass with the naked eye

Its brilliance does not deceive us, but yet we are entitled to question the difference between crystal and glass. Especially since crystal and glass are both composed of silicon oxide, in other words sand subjected to very high temperatures to make it melt. So, what is the difference between crystal and glass ?

However, the difference is only one thing, the addition of an additional ingredient in the crystal which is lead oxide. And it’s what makes all the difference.

It is the lead oxide which gives the crystal its luster and transparency. In other words, it allows a better diffusion of light in all directions. And yes, take the test, your seasoned eye will observe that classic glass has a slightly cloudy shade compared to crystal.

Crystal is more resistant than glass. Who would've believed that ?

But that’s not all. Lead oxide makes crystal much more resistant than glass, contrary to prejudice. This allows master crystal makers to cut extremely complex and precise patterns. A feat not achievable with simple glass.

And if your eye is unable to distinguish glass from crystal, take a spoon and strain your ear. A crystal glass will always make a prettier sound than a simple glass.

do you know the difference between crystal and glass

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