Music is great for our health. Do you know why ?

Why music is good for our health ?

Music makes us feel good.

It makes us smile, it energizes us, we even use it to decorate the atmosphere of our evenings or to find the right rhythm for our jogging, in short, the music makes us feel good.

But more than that, music is good for our health.

So intuitively we were aware of it, but we do not know why! A survey by Deezer and a study by The British Academy of Sound Therapy confirm the positive effects of music on our well-being. According to specialists, it reduces stress and sadness, in favor of an increase in confidence and motivation.

Music is first and foremost a story of emotions and hormones.

More specifically, certain characteristics of music trigger emotions that are beneficial to us. For example, listening to a happy song increases blood flow to areas of the brain associated with the reward, and decreases flow to the amygdala, the seat of fear.

At the same time, happy music triggers the production of wellness hormones in our brains like Serotonin or dopamine.

Serotonin molecules

Music is excellent for memory.

Finally, music is also known to boost memory. Studies in Hong Kong show that learning music or music makes it easier to memorize and develop verbal language.

did you know music is good for our health ?

Now may be the time to schedule a short tour of the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels and if not, continue listening to your favorite radio station.

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