Saffron, an effective spice to fight against depression

Saffron at the source of happiness

We have all heard of serotonin, the happiness hormone that contributes to our well-being. You should know that this hormone produced in our brain and in our intestines is essential for the survival of mammals. Because it is what prompts us to reduce risk-taking!

But when we lack serotonin, it’s depression. That is, either our body does not make enough or not enough, or the serotonin produced is recaptured to be transformed into something else. This is what happens when we are stressed.

But nature being well done, it provides us with all the remedies we need and this is the case of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world and which has been exploited for more than 3600 years in China, Egypt and Persia for these multiple virtues. Pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac and also, antidepressant.

The crocin, the magic molecule of saffron

But in saffron, there is a very interesting molecule that bears the charming name of Crocin. What does the crocin do? It works so that the serotonin we have produced is kept in our brains instead of being captured and transformed into something else. And that’s how scientists discovered that consuming saffron every morning helped treat mild and moderate depression.

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