• vampire bat

    The bloody diet of the vampire bat

    Laetitia MESPOUILLE Biodiversity includes hematophagous, in other words, animals that feed on blood. Ugh! The most famous of them is the vampire bat. Is it dangerous for humans? The vampire bat and its unique diet [...]
  • Chemistry

    Make your glow-in-the dark slime

    Halloween is the right time to do disgusting, filthy … but also surprising things. On this occasion, Curiokids suggests you to make glow-in-the-dark slime in complete safety. You will need: 3.4 oz (100 ml) white [...]
  • Astronomy

    The easy recipe for interstellar plasticine

    Homemade plasticine is a great experiment to do. Beyond a creative game that allows shaping all kinds of animals or objects, plasticine is also a rich scientific concept that allows children to approach the mixing [...]

Scientastic animals


Why fear wolves?

The fear of the big bad wolf, maintained since the Middle Ages by tales and fables, is linked to the fear of our own animal impulses. But the wolf is practically harmless for the Man […]


How does the chameleon blend into its environment?

When we change clothes, it’s for the pleasure of wearing what we like, playing sports or dressing up. The chameleon makes fun of fashion or carnival, if it changes skin color, it is for more primary reasons. Green, brown, yellow, but also blue or pink, the chameleon is the undisputed master for changing skin. But how does it work? […]